Hello world!

This is my first experience using Jekyll on Github Pages. It looks like the template website is starting to shape up and I’m beginning to better understand how everything fits together. I’m still a CSS newbie and the biggest challenge (which I still haven’t resolved to satisfaction) is how to put an image of myself on the website. Ideally, it would be aligned to the right, but my attempts at doing this have produced a terrible display on websites. Please send help, I’m stuck.

Here’s some experimentation with formatting in Markdown for future reference.

A recurring verse from Fallen London that I’m a fan of:

  • Do you remember how we came to that place?
  • And they sang of their lightnings and shapeful disgrace?
  • And we tilted our vanes and ennobled our spires.
  • They welcomed us then and commingled all choirs.

This is bold text!

This is a link. In plain link: https://www.windows93.net/

while(true) {

This is a block quote.

This is the second line of the block quote.

This is a block quote inside of a block quote!

A photo of me:

An image